What Makes Our Raw Material Peptides Special

An Overview of our Raw Material Backstory

We saw the rise of hydrolyzed collagen peptides as the new and improved protein powder. Mainstream outlets started writing stories about the “hidden” health benefits of collagen. It wasn’t initially a nutritional supplement. But now you’ll find collagen in almost everything.

Collagen powder benefits the body in many ways and makes up a large part of Bone, Hairs and Skin supplements. Users can buy it as a standalone powder or a nutrient in various beauty products. Collagen benefits skin, hair, weight loss, joints, digestion, and much more. It’s a very versatile supplement. Many people use collagen peptides in place of traditional protein powders.

SmartPEP not only offers high-quality collagen peptides, but we are also transparent with our peptides ingredients. Rising consumer awareness and knowledge have led to demands for quality and new-to-the-market ingredients. 

Why Choose Our Peptides

At SmartPEP, we are grounded in nature and science. Our pure, natural ingredients along with our technology provide the best quality products.

1. Natural as Nature intended

2. Sustainably sourced; traceable and superior quality

3. Innovative – SmartPEP uses small molecule peptide. The small molecule works more effectively for our body to absorb the nutrients. This makes collagen peptides more bioavailable – they are better absorbed into the bloodstream because they are shorter chains of amino than collage and gelatin.

Below are 9 different certifications that our products have achieved.